Setup time: 3 Min

Integrate your Slack Workspace with All Quiet for efficient incident management right within Slack.

Create Outbound Integration

  1. Click on Integrations > Outbound to navigate to the outbound integrations page.
  2. Once you’re on the Outbound Integrations page, click on Create New Outbound Integration in the top-right corner.
  1. In the Display Name field, provide a name for your integration. For instance, you can name it “Slack”.
  2. Under the Type section, select Slack from the dropdown menu.
  3. Once you’ve provided all the necessary details, click on the Create Integration button to complete the setup.

Add All Quiet Slack App to Your Workspace

After successfully creating your new outbound integration, you’ll be redirected to the details page automatically.

  1. Notice that the installation status of the All Quiet integration is still pending.
  2. To complete the integration with your Slack workspace, click on Add to Slack.

You are redirected to Slack where you’ll be asked to grant permissions for the All Quiet Slack app. We request only those permissions that are strictly necessary for All Quiet to function properly. We access this data solely when you interact with the app and never use it for any other purpose. Click on Allow.

After you’ve granted All Quiet access to Slack, you’ll be redirected back to the integration page.

  1. Observe that the Installation Status now indicates “installed”.
  2. For All Quiet to send incidents to your Slack workspace, you must add All Quiet to at least one channel.
  3. You can select the channels that your integration should forward incidents to.

Navigate to the desired channel in Slack where you want All Quiet to send incidents.

  1. Start by typing /invite.
  2. Choose “Add apps to this channel” from the dropdown.

Select “All Quiet” and then press the Add button to integrate the app into your on-call channel.

It looks like you’ve successfully installed the All Quiet bot to the “#on-call” channel in Slack.

Engage with Incidents Directly in Slack

Each time you engage with incidents via All Quiet, the Slack integration sends an interactive message to your designated channels. This allows you to manage incidents seamlessly, mirroring the experience on our iOS, Android, and Web Apps, all without leaving Slack.

Slack is now integrated with All Quiet, simplifying incident management by consolidating notifications and actions in one place.

Slack Commands

Now that All Quiet is installed on your Slack workspace you can use some useful Slack commands. To see all available Slack commands start by typing /aq and a window with available commands should appear.

/aq oncall

Type in /aq oncall to directly see on Slack who is currently on-call in which escalation tier.

/aq oncall

/aq new

Type in /aq new to trigger an incident directly from Slack

/aq new

You can

  • choose the team this incident is for
  • the severity of the incident
  • write a title for the incident
  • add a description to the incident