Explore how to manage incidents in All Quiet, including filtering, sorting, and searching, plus team collaboration techniques. This guide, focusing on the web app, mirrors the functionality you’ll find in our mobile apps,

Incidents Overview

Open Incidents to see all incidents of your teams.

Filtering and Sorting incidents

You can filter, sort and search incidents within All Quiet.

Sorting incidents

By default, incidents are sorted by Urgency. You can change this to Latest interaction, Created or Titleby clicking on Urgency.

Filtering incidents

You can filter the list of incidents based on:

  • Status: Openor Resolved
  • Severity: Critical, Warning or Minor
  • Team: Choose between all of your teams here
  • Integration: Choose between all of your integrations here

To filter any of these, click on the attribute you’d like to filter and choose what you’d like to filter for.

In this example, we are filtering for open incidents with severity Warning from team My First Team and integration Datadog PROD:

Text search for incidents

All Quiet allows you to do a text search for incidents in title and attributes. Just write what you’re looking for in the text field Search in title and attributes and hit ENTER to see the resulting incidents.


To resolve an open incident click the green Resolve button. This will notify all colleagues of the current escalation tier that the incident was resolved.


In case you’ve investigated an incident, and you need help from your colleagues you can escalate the incident to the next escalation tier by clicking the red Escalate button. This will notify all colleagues of the current escalation tiers as well as the following escalation tier.

Commenting, Investigating & Reopening

Investigating open incidents

In case you’ve been notified of an open incident, and you can tell you’re team that you’re looking into the incident by clicking the blue Investigate button. This will notify all colleagues of the current escalation tiers that you’re investigating the issue.

Commenting incidents

You can comment on an incident anytime by clicking the Comment action button.

Reopening incidents

Sometimes you need to re-open an incident that is already marked as resolved. You can simply do this by clicking the red Reopen button on a resolved incident.