All Quiet provides a secure and efficient way to integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) using OpenID Connect, offering a seamless authentication experience for your users. This integration allows your organization to utilize its existing identity provider (IdP) services to manage user access to All Quiet.



Contact All Quiet Support

Begin by reaching out to our support team at Provide details about your organization and the identity provider you are using. Our team will assist you with the initial setup process and provide necessary guidance.


Setting up in Your IdP

In your identity provider’s management console, you will need to register All Quiet as a new application.

For the integration, you will need to provide the Client ID, Client Secret, and the Authority URL from your IdP. The Authority URL is usually the client-specific domain derived from the discovery document URL. These details are essential for establishing a secure and reliable connection between your IdP and All Quiet.

Additionally, you’ll need to configure the Redirect URI in your IdP to

It’s important to share Client ID, Client Secret, and the Authority URL over a secure channel with us to protect your sensitive information. One recommended way is through services like Yopass. All Quiet stores all secrets strongly encrypted in our database to ensure the safety of your credentials.


Verification and Testing

Once the setup is completed, our team at All Quiet will perform a series of tests to verify the integration. This ensures that authentication requests are properly handled and user identities are correctly established through your IdP.


Finalizing the Integration

After successful verification, the integration is considered complete. Your users can now sign in to All Quiet using their existing organizational credentials managed by your IdP.

While All Quiet aims to make the integration process as straightforward as possible, we do not offer a self-service option for this setup. Our support team is dedicated to assisting you through each step of the process and ensuring the integration meets your organization’s specific needs.


Integrating your organization’s SSO using OpenID Connect with All Quiet enhances your platform’s security and user experience. With this setup, you ensure a consistent and secure access management system, aligned with your organizational policies and requirements.