Setup time: 3 Min

Integrate Dynatrace into All Quiet by using our custom integration.

1. Add Dynatrace Integration to Your All Quiet Team

Create a Dynatrace integration

  1. Click on the Integrations > Inbound Tab.
  2. Click on Create New Integration.

Select Dynatrace as the Integration’s Type

  1. Enter a Display Name for your Dynactrace integration, e.g. “Dynatrace”.
  2. Pick the Team you’d like to add the integration to.
  3. Select Dynatrace as the type.
  4. Click Create Inbound Integration.

Get the All Quiet webhook URL

After creating the Dynatrace integration on All Quiet, you can view and copy the webhook URL. You will require this URL in step 2 when configuring the custom integration on Dynatrace.

2. Create a custom integration on Dynatrace

Sign in to your Dynatrace Account. Then, open Settings. The easiest way to get there is to use the search (cmd+k).

  1. Search for “Settings”
  2. Click on the search result.
  1. In the sitenav, scroll down and open Integration.
  2. Select Problem notifications.

Add notification

It’s time to define the integration in Dynatrace.

  1. Select Custom Integration
  2. Select a Display name, e.g. “All Quiet”
  3. Paste in the All Quiet webhook URL you’ve obtained in step Get The All Quiet Webhook URL.
  4. Select Call webhook if problem is closed toggle.
  5. Paste the following JSON snippet into the Custom Payload field:
"NamesOfImpactedEntities": "{NamesOfImpactedEntities}",
"PID": "{PID}",
"ProblemDetailsText": "{ProblemDetailsText}",
"ProblemID": "{ProblemID}",
"ProblemImpact": "{ProblemImpact}",
"ProblemSeverity": "{ProblemSeverity}",
"ProblemTitle": "{ProblemTitle}",
"ProblemURL": "{ProblemURL}",
"State": "{State}"
  1. As Alerting Profile, select Default
  2. Send test notification.
  1. You’ll receive a feedback if the test was successful.
  2. Save changes to save your All Quiet integration in Dynatrace.

Returning to the All Quiet Web App, you will find the Dynatrace test notification on /app/incidents.

Dynatrace is now successfully integrated with All Quiet. To test if everything works as expected you can interact with any problem in Dynatrace, e.g. close an existing problem.