Setup time: 3 Min

Integrate Sentry into All Quiet by using a Custom Integration

1. Create Sentry Integration on All Quiet

Create a Sentry integration

  1. Click on the Integrations > Inbound Tab.
  2. Click on Create New Integration.

Select Sentry for the integration’s type

  1. Enter a display name for your Sentry integration, e.g. “Sentry”.
  2. Pick your team.
  3. Select Sentry as the type.
  4. Click Create integration.

Get the All Quiet webhook URL

After creating the Sentry integration on AllQuiet, you can view and copy the webhook URL. You will require this URL in step 2 when configuring the custom integration on Sentry.

2. Create a custom integration on Sentry

Open your Sentry, click on your Account and navigate to Organization settings.

  1. Navigate to Developer Settings -> Custom Integrations
  2. Click Create New Integration.
  1. Choose Internal Integration
  2. Click Next
  1. Enter a name for your integration
  2. Paste in the All Quiet webhook URL you’ve obtained in step Get The All Quiet Webhook URL.
  1. Select Read permissions for Issue & Event
  2. Select issue for Webhooks
  3. Click Save Changes to finally create the custom integration

Sentry is now successfully integrated with All Quiet. To test if everythoing works as expected you can interact with any issue in Sentry, e.g. “Resolve” or “Reopen” an existing issue.