The Maintenance Mode feature in ‘All Quiet’ allows for the management of incident alerts during times of scheduled maintenance or expected downtime. It is accessible through the Team > Calendar page on the ‘All Quiet’ interface.

The maintenance schedule, once created, is visible in the team’s calendar, offering insight into planned maintenance or downtime.

  • Maintenance Mode: Incidents will not be created in the system.
  • Muted Mode: Incidents will be created without triggering notifications.

How to create a maintenance schedule (steps below):


Quick Actions

Use these to quickly populate the start and end times with predetermined durations ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours.


Start Date and Time

Specify the start date and time for the maintenance window according to the team’s timezone.


End Date and Time

Specify the end date and time to mark the conclusion of the maintenance window.



Choose between two types of maintenance modes:

  • Maintenance: Selecting this option will prevent the creation of new incidents during the scheduled period.
  • Muted: This option allows incidents to be created without sending out any notifications during the period.


Clicking the ‘Create’ button will confirm and activate the maintenance schedule. It will also be displayed in the team’s calendar.